The Legend

Back in the days when pirates used Los Muertos beach to replenish their stores between plundering raids, a pair of mated swans took refuge in the hills behind Conchas Chinas.  Having lost their way during a storm, the two swans fell under the magical spell of the area, spending the rest of their days nesting in the hills of Conchas Chinas, possibly in the very location of the house named in their honor.

As swans are not indigenous to Mexico, a legend grew that whoever eats the fruits and blossoms of the beautiful and mysterious paradise of the Conchas Chinas hills, will be compelled to spend the rest of their days in the region and will never return to their place of origin.  Centuries later, people still say that the spirits of the two swans live on, and on moonlit nights the inseparable swan couple can be seen gliding together down the Conchas Chinas hills to the beach and the sea below.

As a guest at Casa Dos Cisnes, we hope that you, too, will fall under the magical spell that captured the legendary swans; caught between the luminous and eternally blue sky above, and the buffeting waters of the Pacific Ocean below.  While enjoying the spectacular views overlooking the Bay of Banderas, we trust you will be inspired by all things beautiful, immersed in the mysteries of nature, feel the savage splendor of the jungle landscape, experience unforgettable relaxation, encounter chances for development, and make your dreams come alive.

Experience the vacation of a lifetime at Casa Dos Cisnes. Puerto Vallarta’s finest private residence welcomes you and invites you to experience the ultimate destination getaway.
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